Cedar fences in either a split rail, board or picket style can give your property a warmer, more natural look. We use heavy (7/8” actual thickness)  1x6  Inland and Western Red Cedar boards shipped in from Washington and British Columbia.  For the fence framework we use pressure treated southern yellow pine, with a matching tan color to complement the cedar boards.  The treated posts and stringers will give at least twice the useful life compared to cedar posts, and at a competitive price.  Today screws are more commonly used than nails on fences if durability is a concern.  We like a ceramic coated (to minimize streaking)  torx drive screw for both boards and stringers.  Natural cedar will weather to a neutral gray color over a few years, unless a stain or semi-clear oil finish is applied.



We cut and grade all of the boards that come through our yard. As a result, we offer two grades of boards:  Our #1 boards are uniform and attractive on both sides and show fewer flaws than the #2 boards. The #2 boards generally have a few more blemishes and may have only one presentable side. The #2 boards are less expensive, as a result.
The boards in both of these pictures are #1's.

Generally, our stock is dog eared, with the top corners lopped off.  We carry boards in one foot increments, from 3 through 8 feet.  We can offer unit pricing on larger purchases. We can sell the posts, stringers, boards and screws individually to get your fence completed. Give us a call for planning help and post setting tips.