Vinyl fencing is a wonderful option if you are looking for a low maintenance fence. All of the vinyl that we stock comes with a lifetime guarantee. Vinyl materials are available in hundreds of styles and heights. In addition to white, we carry tan and adobe (kind of a putty gray) at a little higher price.  Vinyl is one of the more expensive types of fence we handle, but the low maintenance aspects appeal to a lot of folks hoping to simplify their lives. Installation is fairly simple with vinyl fences, but special attention is required when setting posts due to the precut nature of the fence stringers.



That age-old saying, "You get what you pay for" is especially appropriate when considering a vinyl fence.  As vinyl fences become more popular, lower priced but lower quality materials are arriving on the market.  We have seen quite a few fences which have blown down due to poor installation or material quality.  Your fence is only as strong as the connection that holds the panel to the post, the strongest joint being a mortised hole with stringer ends fitting inside the post. Some vinyl mixes become quite brittle in our cold climate – ask about it.  Privacy fences over four feet tall seem to stand the wind better with either steel inserts or a partial concrete fill inside to post.  Corner and gateposts are often filled most their height, with two pieces of steel in the concrete core for reinforcement.